Welcome to the official Runbot documentation, learn everything you need to know to build your bot like an expert.

Runbot is a free, easy-to-access, no-code tool to create automated trading strategies for crypto-markets.

Tailored for traders of all levels, from novices to experts, Runbot is the ultimate solution for building your own trading bot for free*. It offers a wide range of essential indicators and features, as well as advanced yet user-friendly strategic tools.

Generated Alerts from our live Backtest Engine gives you the opportunnity to send through different webhooks and platforms trading informations and convert them into automated trading.

Runbot strives to offer complete transparency, providing users with extensive information regarding actual exchange trading fees, precise slippage estimation for your unique strategies and sizes, as well as comprehensive insights into risk management and market conditions, all adhering to professional standards.

If you require assistance from our team, please feel free to reach out to us on our official Discord server or by email at

*Free: Runbot has a free plan, which includes more than 30 indicators, all strategy editing rules for free, and unlimited free backtests on a 1 year period for all your strategies. On top of that, we also offer, free and unlimited amount of trading bots Alerts with our partners. If you’d like to enjoy premium features, such as 3 years of historical backtests or access to the Composer or Optimiser tool, you’ll need to purchase credits and pay-as-you-use.

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