Increase/Decrease order size

To trigger an increase or decrease order, you must already be in a long or short position and get a new signal.

Increase or decrease your position by x% of the initial size.

Ex: [Increase] [Initial Order size 10 %]

-> Each time a new Long or Short signal happens from the Indicators Box, the current position will be increased by 10 % of the initial size (and not the current open size).

After entering a 10 000$ long position, the indicators now triggers an increase signal by 10%. The initial size is 10 000$. A new long order of 1 000$ will be filled and then increase the position to a total of 11 000$.

You can also close a position, if the decrease % initial size is larger than current position.

Trade requested

If you want to increase or decrease your position only if ALL the conditions are met, e.g all the rules of your strategy, and not only a single Long or Short signal, you can use the Trade requested feature.

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