Connect your Runbot Alerts with Mizar webhook to convert them into automated trading. Mizar will instantly manage and send your orders to your favorite exchange.

Please note that you can connect multiple Runbot Strategies to 1 trading bot on Mizar.

First, you need to connect your exchange to Mizar, to do so, see their official documentation: https://support.mizar.com/hc/en-us/articles/5726024866193-How-to-connect-an-exchange-to-Mizar-with-API- When registering your API key on Mizar, be sure to Enable the "HEDGE" mode.

To receive your Strategy Alerts directly on your Mizar account and automate your trading, go to https://app.runbot.io/Bot/.

Click "+ Create a new credit webhook".

On the Bot webhook configuration box, select 'Linked strategy' and pick the strategy you want to receive alerts from.

Enter the exact amount of capital you wish to allocate to your trading strategy. The size of your orders will be based on this reference, which can be a lower or a higher amount, depending on the leverage of your strategy.

Select Mizar to sends alerts. The Mizar Webhook URL will then appear automatically.

Enter a strategy name and a strategy description.

Select "Futures" in 'Market', then select the exchange that you have connected to Mizar to trade.

Select the quote Asset you want to trade with and the pair of your Runbot strategy.

It is now necessary to Add a subscription (Runbot) to activate the bot.

Select the same exchange as before.

On Mizar, you will select the Order Size (or Base Order size) you want for every orders. Enter the same amount than your Initial capital.

If your Runbot strategy has Increase orders, enter the maximum number of positions possible, which is equal to Initial entry + Number of Increase orders on Runbot.

It is very important, if you are using a Borrow NFT to connect to Mizar, refer to the maximal number of positions displayed directly on the NFT.

Pick the leverage that you want to apply to your strategy, this will impact the margin size. Learn more about how it works: https://support.mizar.com/hc/en-us/articles/12983693836177-How-to-Trade-Futures-on-Mizar-

In this example, the Base order size will stay 50$ however the margin size will be 10$ (50$/5). If the Runbot Strategy increase order by 4 times more, the final position will be 250$ with a margin size of 50$.

Basically, in order to work properly all the time, it is necessary that your Mizar Leverage multiplied by the available collateral on your trading exchange is more important than the Runbot Initial capital of your strategy multiplied by his max position leverage.

If you want to compound your gains, it is necessary to enable "Reinvest your profits".

Click Next, accept conditions and click Invest.

Now your Mizar bot is created, let's find his ID. Go back to: https://app.mizar.com/dashboard/api-bots/bots

You can find the ID here, which is 1546 in this case.

Now, let's generate an API in here: https://app.mizar.com/dashboard/settings/API

Copy the generated API KEY.

Go back to https://app.runbot.io/Bot/ and enter the copied KEY and the Strategy ID.

You must entry in here the base order size that you have specified on Mizar, which is 50$ in our example.

If you want to track on Mizar you open positions, you can do it here: https://app.mizar.com/dashboard/api-bots/open-positions

Happy trading!

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