Strategy Optimiser


The 'Optimiser' tool is a cutting-edge solution designed for the modern trader. This tool automatically and efficiently searches for the optimal parameters of an automated trading strategy.

Whether you aim to boost performance, minimize drawdown, or enhance the winrate of your strategy, 'Optimiser' tailors its search based on the results criteria you wish to maximize.

Experience swift and effective optimization like never before.

1. Getting Started

  • Click "Create a new Optimisation"

  • Initial Setup: Begin by selecting the parameters for your backtest, just as you would for a regular strategy. Choose the historical period you wish to backtest.

  • Allocation: Decide on the number of backtests you want to allocate for optimization. This will depend on your Runbot subscription or available credits. Remember, the more backtests you allocate, the faster the optimization process will be.

Or use this for Optimizing with credits:

2. Selecting the Right Optimization Method

Runbot offers three optimization methods:

  • Random Search Method

  • Simulated Annealing Method

  • Combinatorial Method

Choose your preferred method and configure its settings accordingly.

To learn more about the Optimisation methods and their parameters, check the next pages.

3. Parameters to Optimize

  • Strategy Selection: Under the "Parameters" submenu, select the strategy you wish to optimize.

  • Adding Parameters: Navigate to "parameters to optimize" and click on "add another parameter". This allows you to select which parameter you want to optimize, this can be an indicator, an entry or exit rule, a position size rule, and more. Specify the details to be optimized and their optimization search ranges.

Note: The optimization will only search within the pre-defined range of optimization parameters.

4. Criteria to Optimize

  • Criteria Selection: In the "Criteria" tab, decide what aspects of your strategy you want to enhance. Based on the parameters set, the Optimiser will seek the best outcomes to improve these criteria.

  • Weighting: You can choose to improve one or multiple criteria by adjusting their relative importance using the % of relative weightings. This allows you to enhance various aspects of your strategy such as overall performance, Runbot score, Sharpe ratio, reducing drawdown, and much more.

5. Launching the Optimization

Once you've set everything up, simply click on "request an optimisation". Sit back and let the magic happen!

The Optimizer may find better parameters, but sometimes it can not. This will depend on many factors. If not, try to change the Optimisation method or change the parameters and criterias.

After the optimization is complete, you'll be able to apply the newly identified optimal values directly to the "base strategy" – your original strategy. The parameters will be instantly updated, modifying your strategy accordingly.

If you prefer to keep your initial strategy unchanged, simply select "Apply optimal values to a duplicate strategy". This will create a new strategy with the optimal values, which will be available on your Strategies page.

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