Connect your Runbot Alerts with Alertatron webhook to convert them into automated trading. Alertatron will instantly manage and send your orders to your favorite exchange.

Please first note that you can only use 1 Runbot Strategy per Alertatron Bot. If you want to run multiple strategies, you need to create as many bots on Alertatron.

To receive your Strategy Alerts directly on your Alertatron account and automate your trading, first go to

Click "+ Create a new credit webhook".

On the Bot webhook configuration box, select 'Linked strategy' and pick the strategy you want to receive alerts from.

Enter the exact amount of capital you wish to allocate to your trading strategy. The size of your orders will be based on this reference, which can be a lower or a higher amount, depending on the leverage of your strategy.

Select "Alertatron" to send alerts to.

Now, to create your Alertatron bot, go to and click "Create new automated bot..."

Give your new bot a name, then select the exchange this bot will trade on, and finally enter the trading pair your Bot is going to trade. For BTC trading, simply enter "BTC", for Ethereum "ETH", for Binance Coin "BNB".

Then click "Create Bot".

Click on the arrow near your Trading Bot name to access All the infos of your trading bot.

Scroll down and add the API Key of the exchange you want to trade on.

See the Alertatron documentation if you need more infos for this step here.

Click and Copy the Webhook Adress here.

Now go back to your Runbot webhook parameters and paste the copied webhook URL

Finally, select the exchange you want to trade on (this must be the same exchange as the one filled on the Alertatron API key).

Happy trading!

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