Black Flamingo Indicators

Runbot is proud that the first Community Indicator implemented, and exclusively on Runbot are the Black Flamingo Indicators!

Here is a message from Thisma, a successful professionnal trader that have created the BF indicators and trading with for years now:

“I have been scalping for years, and found necessary to translate my strategy into code, which could get my execution to another level. Faster and more precise. That’s why TBF indicators were created. The BF Trend was designed to get reversal informations. When entering the lower or upper range of the indicator, it hints that price is going to go flat or reverse in the corresponding timeframe. Helps to know when price is going to reverse. The BF Breakers were made for scalpers in mind. When a breaker lines appear, it indicates where the price will go after a reversal, hence a good zone to take profits. The BF MTF analyzes the synchronisation of the BF Trend on multiple time frames at the same time, for Swing trades only. Combining them can get you swing entries or just scalping with low timeframe reversal and tp on the breakers, as you want!”

If you have any questions, you can directly contact Thisma on his twitter or join the Black Flamingo Discord here.

How to access BlackFlamingo indicators

To access the BF Indicators on Runbot, you must hold a BF Indicator NFT. The NFT collection has a limited supply of 500 NFTs. You can buy it on the secondary market here. (coming soon).

Once you’ve bought your NFT, simply connect your metamask to and you are good to start creating new exclusives strategies with the BF indicators!

Please note that, if you want to mint your Strategy that is including a BF Indicator, to an NFT and sell it later, the future buyer of the Strategy NFT has to hold a BF Indicator NFT aswell to execute the strategy.

Collection fees

The Black Flamingo indicators NFTs will has the same NFT collection fees as any Runbot collection.

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