Max position size

The initial maximum position size from the Position size Box will not be effective if you decide to increase your position. As soon as you decide to increase your position from the Adjust Position Box, you have to set new limits for your current position.

You'll directly be able to manage it from the Adjust position rules Box, and this is only true for Increase orders (if your trade is not increasing orders, the initial rules remain true); in here:

You can decide the new maximum leverage and position size with these rules. In that example, our initial size entry is usually 10 000$ and max leverage is 3 (from Position Size Box). However, the strategy triggers 1 new increase order. To be able to increase the position (since initial limit is already reached), we have doubled up the maximum limit size of 10 000$, to 20 000$ (x200%) and max leverage up to 5 instead of 3.

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