Box synergies

Runbot is divided into different boxes, each with a specific purpose, which can be managing the risk of your strategy, creating indicators, managing rules on when to enter or exit a trade, or other information about your backtests and results.

Each box is independant, however they are still connected through what we call "signals". Signals can be created from one box, and be benefited by another one.

If you create a "long signal" in the Indicators Box, you can take advantages of this signal in the Entry in position rules Box, as an example, with a rule such as "There is a minimum of 1 Long Signals", the strategy will enter a long position once the Indicator box triggered a "long signal" from the indicators your previously configured.

There are many different types of signals, you can see here the full list and details.

Triggers Boxes allows you to take profit of all the signals triggered by your general strategy, they will help you to enter, exit, a position or increase/decrease your sizings.

Risk management Boxes are used for risk management, you'll define the risk you are willing to take, but more than the size of your positions, you can set up specific rules such as max risk per trade, a percentage of risk of your capital, etc. You are also able to set a strategy to execute your entry ; market orders, pyramid market orders, but also more advanced types of orders.

Backtest infos boxes gives you many important informations about your strategy. After you have configured your general strategy and run a backtest, you'll find out precious datas such like the PNL, the drawdown, etc, of your strategy. There are many cool tools to read these informations and help you.

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