Strategy management (Backtest box)

This box allows you to manage the general settings of your strategy and ask for a backtest.

Request a backtest

With the full Runbot version, you can run backtest up to 3 years of history. However, you need to select an exchange to backtest your strategy. It will use this specific exchange datas to calculate your results.

Results can be different between DYDX and Binance for exemple, because of multiple reasons: - DYDX is a more recent exchange and only has 2 years of data, but Binance has 3+ years. - Prices can be different on both exchanges, there is always a slight difference. - Liquidity can be very different between both exchanges. Binance tends to have more liquidity than DYDX, so slippage effect might be less important. - Bitget does not support yet 3 years of datas because of the specificity of the exchange/API

Delete a strategy

Dupplicate a strategy

Export a strategy

Initial capital

Select a range period for your backtest

Taker fees

There is no maker fees, as Runbot is using Webhooks and only Taker (Market) orders can be executed that way.

Backtest History



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