BingX (free bots)

Connect your Runbot Alerts with BingX to send free trading bot orders.

  • To receive your Strategy Alerts directly on BingX and automate your trading, go to or directly click on "Alerts Bots".

Then click "+ Create new webhook" just below "Free webhooks".

On the Bot webhook configuration box, select 'Linked strategy' and pick the strategy you want to receive alerts from.

Enter the exact amount of capital you wish to allocate to your trading strategy. The size of your orders will be based on this reference, which can be a lower or a higher amount, depending on the leverage of your strategy.

Select BingX to send alerts:

In order to verify your account is affiliated with our link and benefit free trading bots (register a new BingX Account here with our referall link, no KYC needed), please provide your BingX account UID.

To do this, click on the Account icon at the top right of your screen, then copy your UID.

Paste your UID in Runbot into the "BingX UID" input box.

If you are using a Sub-account please enter the UID of your main account in here.

To create your BingX Bot, go to BingX Signal bots plage, click the link below:

Select "Strategy Instruction"

Choose a name for your trading robot and select the currency pair on which you want your Runbot strategy to trade.

Change Isolated Margin by Cross Margin.

Click "Change settings".

Then click "Isolated Margin" on the top right of your screen.

Enter on Runbot, the USDT the exact capital you have in your BingX trading account, and your exact current leverage.

Due to the nature of BingX webhooks, to keep sending accurate trade sizings, it is essential to regularly update your capital in the Runbot webhook. However, to bypass this manual process, you have the option to enable an automatic feature that estimates and updates this information for you. Please note that this is an estimation only, as we do not receive balance updates directly from BingX.

Copy the Information message below (red area).

Go back to Runbot trading page, and paste the message in the User_info input box:

Happy Trading!

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