Selectors Box

The selectors will allow you to be more restrictive for each rule.

Basic selectors:

  • Always enabled rule: by default, all the rules are enabled once created

  • Always disabled rule: if you want to disable a rule but not deleting it for now

  • L - Enable a rule when a long trade is active: only enable the rule for long trades or positions

  • S - Enable a rule when a short trade is active: only enable the rule for short trades or positions

Selectors will allows you to filter rules when you want them to be active or not.

For example, you want to use the feature: "Market Stop loss at 3%". However, you want to stop loss at 3% only for your short positions but not for longs.

You can pick selectors for every rule available on Runbot.

You can also create a custom Selector which will be active only for a specific signal you have choosen.

When creating a custom selector, you can decide either to enable or disable a rule when the selector is active. You can also request the selector to be activated if there is at least, or at most, or exactly a specific amount of signals.

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