Custom URL

Custom Json webhook connection will allow you to connect your own server to your Runbot Strategy and access all alerts and all features available on

Message type:

{ "exchange": "Binance" (Binance, Bitget, Bybit and DYDX), "market": "BTCUSDT" (or eth or bnb), "t": integer timestamp in ms, "positionType": "open" or "close" or "decrease" or "increase", "positionId": a string that identify the position, usefull in case where the webhook url is used for multiple runbot bots, "orderType": "market", "tradeDirection": "long" or "short" (it refers the order direction, no position direction, so for example "short" if "positionType" = "decrease" when this is a "long" position, "price": "28911.90", "size": "0.015" "leverage": "0.86736" if the current account have a bank roll of 500 USDT with that size and price. It refers to the leverage of the order size relative to the current total bankroll (it is usefull if you want to send % of bankroll size instead of fixed absolute size) }

To receive your Strategy Alerts directly on your own servers, go to

Click "+ Create a new credit webhook".

On the Bot webhook configuration box, select 'Linked strategy' and pick the strategy you want to receive alerts from.

Enter the exact amount of capital you wish to allocate to your trading strategy. The size of your orders will be based on this reference, which can be a lower or a higher amount, depending on the leverage of your strategy.

Enter your own server webhook URL.

Choose 'Custom URL' to send alerts.

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