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Runbot offers you the possibility to monetize your trading knowledge and your strategy creating skills. You are an experienced trader, an excellent strategy builder? Or you simply don’t have much capital to invest but a lot of time? Runbot NFTs are for you.

Once you are done backtesting and creating your strategy on, simply mint it on the NFT Runbot page. Only available on the Arbitrum network for now.

What is an Open-Source NFT?

An Open-Source NFT is a type of non-fungible token associated with a trading strategy that allows the holder full access to the Runbot strategy's parameters, source code, and features.

By owning an Open-Source NFT, the holder can edit or copy the strategy for their own use. Unlike some other NFT types, Open-Source NFTs do not expire, which means the holder can use the strategy for as long as they wish.

Please note when an NFT is on sale, it is not possible to see the paramaters of the strategy, only his backtest results.

What is a Rental NFT?

A Rental NFT is a type of non-fungible token associated with a trading strategy that grants the holder limited access to the Runbot strategy.

Unlike an Open-Source NFT, the holder of a Rental NFT cannot view the strategy's parameters, source code, or edit or copy the strategy. They can only execute the strategy and receive alerts from it.

Rental NFTs come with a specified usage period, after which they expire. Once the Rental NFT expires, the holder can no longer use the associated trading strategy. For example, you can mint a Rental Strategy NFT with a 6 months period of use. As soon as the NFT is sold, the countdown begins. 6 months later, the holder can no longer use the strategy.

Mint prices

The mint price per Open-Source NFT is 0.01 ETH, you can earn discounts if you mint multiple NFTs of the strategy at the same time, up to 30%. The mint price for Rental NFTs depends of their Rental time, it starts at 0.004 ETH up to 0.02 ETH for the maximum period.

If your strategy is using a Community Indicator, please refer to this article for specific details.

NFT Runbot collection fees

For each new transaction of the NFT a minimum base fee will be necessary (0.01 eth for Open-Source NFTs, and between 0.004 up to 0.02 ETH for Rental NFTs) or a 10% fee of the sale price. The maximum of the base fee or the percentage fee will be applied. This fee will help to prevent the creator of the strategy to be short-cut by speculators.

If you want to transfer your NFT for free (only blockchain fees), between two of your wallets and don’t apply any collection transfer fee, use Transfer a NFT Box on this page.

How to use your Strategy NFT

Holding a Strategy NFT will give you the right to use the strategy, to do so, import it directly to your Runbot account by linking it with the Metamask connection box here.

To find the Open-Source NFT you are holding, go to and find it on the Strategy list Box, open the NFT folder:

To use and receive alerts from a Rental NFT you are holding, go to and find it directly on the "Bot webhook configuration" box and then "Linked Strategy" list. When setting up a webhook, select the NFT strategy on the 'Strategy list' parameter.

To learn even more about our NFTs Hub, read our medium article here.

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