Decaying TP %/ATR

As soon as you enter a position the take profit will be adjusted according to the duration of the trade. The longer the trade is, more often the initial take profit target will be reduced, in order to increase the success of a trade (winrate).

Reduce the take profit target by x%/ATR every n candles.


-> After entering a long position at 10 000$ BTC price, and with a initial take profit at 10 500$ (+5%), the target is not hit yet. 15 minutes later, the initial target of 5% is reduced by 1%, for a 4% profit. The take profit order is reduced at 10 400$.

15 minutes later, the new target of 4% is not reached yet. The new target is now 3%.

The market finally hits the take profit for a win at 10 300$ per bitcoin. (If the price was between 10 300$ and 10 400$ the position would've been instantly sold for a profit. Otherwise we would wait for the price to pump and hit 10 300$.)

It works exactly the same way with the ATR take profit.

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