Magnetic TP %/ATR

As soon as the price get close to your initial take profit, the take profit will be adjusted according to the specified period.

Reduce the take profit target by x%/ATR every n candles once the price is at a distance lower than the trigger %/ATR


-> After entering a long position at 10 000$ BTC price, and with a initial take profit at 10 500$ (+5 ATR), the target is not hit yet.

One hour later, the price hit 10 450$, but has not hit the TP yet. However, 10 420$ is below the 1 ATR away from the target, so the decay trigger price will start. Every 1 hour candle, the initial take profit will be reduced by 0.5 ATR.

The new take profit is now 4.5 ATR wich represent a price of 10 450$ per bitcoin. The price pumps a few moments later to 10 450$ and the market profit order is triggered.

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