VeloData Indicators

VeloData is a website and data provider that offers high-quality data on exchange flows and trading options. Access volume indicators (such as Liquidations, Open Interest, Premiums, etc.) that aggregate data from the largest exchanges, as well as several indicators exclusively based on trading options market data.

VeloData NFT Access

Accessing VeloData's comprehensive data on Runbot requires purchasing a VeloData NFT, which grants the right to use the data for trading bots for the specified duration.

Users can however freely backtest and create strategies on Runbot using VeloData's data with some restrictions.

Accessing live datas and deploying a trading bot that utilizes VeloData's indicators necessitates holding a VeloData NFT and connect your WEB3 wallet to Runbot.

To buy an NFT and grant an access, please visit our marketplace here.

If you'd like to, it is possible to resell your VeloData NFT for the remaining period.

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