Free plan and Credits

Runbot for Free: Everything you need to start automated trading today at no cost.

Pay-Per-Use Model, only pay if you use:

The Pay-Per-Use model is a flexible option that allows you to use specific features of our platform by purchasing Credits. These Credits can be used to access Pay-Per-Use features such as backtesting, trading alerts to non-free partners, the Composer or Optimiser tools.

Key Points:

  1. Purchasing Credits: You can buy Credits using cryptocurrencies or Euros. Go to the Pricing section on our website or click here, choose the desired amount, and complete the purchase. All transactions are secured by Coinbase or Stripe.

  2. Usage: Once you have Credits in your account, you can use them to access Pay-Per-Use features. The cost for each feature in Credits is clearly displayed on each tool/page before using it.

  3. Expiration: Credits do not have an expiration date and can be used as long as your account remains active.

Please note that these models are designed to provide flexibility and choice, allowing you to tailor your usage of Runbot to your specific needs. If you need any further assistance or have questions, feel free to reach out to our support team directly on the chatBot or on Discord.


Send a trading Alert = 15 coins.

Price for 1 trade, without adjust position alerts/orders: 30 coins. 1 alert to open the position (+15), 1 alert to close the position (+15), for a total of 15 + 15 = 30 coins.

Price for 1 trade, with 3 adjust position alerts/orders: 75 coins.

1 alert to open the position (+15), 3 alerts to adjust the position (+3x15 coins), 1 alert to close the position (+15), for a total of 15 + (3x15) + 15 = 75 coins.

Executing an automatic strategy Optimisation with the optimiser.

The initial cost to start an optimization is 5 credits. If your optimization lasts 1 hour, it will cost you 5 credits + 50 credits for the hour, i.e. a total of 55 credits. Performing an optimization that only takes 30 minutes will cost you 5 credits + 25 credits, i.e. a total of 30 credits.

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