The CHOP trading indicator, or Choppiness Index, is a valuable technical analysis tool designed to measure the degree of market consolidation and directionless periods within a specific timeframe. By quantifying the range-bound or trendless nature of an asset, this oscillator aids you in identifying potential breakout and trend-following opportunities.


Trading with the CHOP indicator involves analyzing its value in relation to predefined thresholds. When the index is in his upper range, it indicates a highly choppy, non-trending market, signaling traders to avoid trend-following strategies. Conversely, when the CHOP value falls in his lower range, it suggests the presence of a strong trend, providing you with opportunities to implement trend-following approaches for optimal entry and exit points in the market.

  • Values closer to 100 indicate a choppy (consolidating) market.

  • Values closer to 0 indicate a non-choppy (trending) market.

Indicator Triggers:

The CHOP indicator uses only basic general triggers.

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