"A constant leverage" feature will allow you to leverage the total collateral value of your account. It will reconsider, after each trade, the new value of your account and therefore the value of the position after leverage. Your position size will then be different after each trade (except if the last one is a break-even).

Ex: Collateral value account: 10 000$, [A constant leverage of 2] The bot will open a 20 000$ position for the first trade (10 000$ * 2). The position is closed for a 5 000$ profit. Total collateral value is now 15 000$.

For the next trade, the bot will open a 30 000$ position (15 000$ * 2). The trade results in a loss of 2500$. Total collateral value is now 12 500$.

For the 3rd trade, the bot will open a position of 25 000$ (12 500$ * 2).

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