Signal list

To create a rule and give an order to your bot, you need: Step 1 - A signal reference/same name (ex: 'long', 'custom 1') Step 2 - Create a rule with the Indicator Box that will trigger the signal if parameters are met Step 3 - Create a rule in others boxes that will execute a specific task once the same signal is triggered on Step 2.

You can create and manage your signals on the request Backtest Box. There are defaults signals, [Long, Short, Stop, Cancel], that can't be deleted. You can create new custom signals, with the name you want, so you are free to use them on others boxes like classic signals, so you can customize your strategy as you wish.

Click on the '+' to create a new signal, choose a name and then you'll be free to use it on all others boxes. Refer to the custom signal page to learn more how to use it.

Every available signal can be triggered from any indicator.

Ex: [RSI cross 80][Place a Long signal]

When the RSI hits 80 on the selected timeframe, a long signal will be triggered on your general strategy. However, it will only open a long if the conditions are met with others rules from the Entry in position rules Box.

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