TP Candle %/ATR

Exit 100% of the current position (by default) if the market is going x% (or ATR) away from the largest low/high of the last candles and in favor of current position.

Ex: [Order size 100%] [Limit at 0%] [away from the lows of the 10, previous 1 hours candles with wick]

-> Highest market price during the last 10 hours is 51 000$. After entering a long position at 50 000$ BTC price, the position fully exit at a again at 51 000$ (51 000$ - (0%*51 000) which is 0% higher from the last 10 hours (10x1 hour) price low (including wicks).

This feature allows you to execute a take profit below or above recent markets low or high.

This also allows you to take profits at equal high/low (if 0% away from candle, like in this example), to take profit at resistances/supports.

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