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1. How do I connect my Web3 Wallet to Runbot?

  • To access Runbot NFTs, connect a Web3-compatible wallet (e.g., Metamask, Rabby Wallet, OKX Wallet) on the Runbot Account page. On the NFT Panel, click "Connect" and "Switch Network" to Arbitrum Network where Runbot NFTs operate.

2. What are Runbot's Strategy NFTs and how do they work?

  • Strategy NFTs on Runbot enable monetization of trading strategies. You can mint your strategy as an Open-Source NFT, giving full access to its parameters and source code, or as a Rental NFT, allowing limited strategy execution and alerts. Open-Source NFTs don't expire, while Rental NFTs have a usage period after which they expire.

3. How do I mint an Open-Source Strategy NFT on Runbot?

  • To mint an Open-Source Strategy NFT, link your Metamask account, select 'Open source strategy,' the number of NFTs, the strategy, and backtest period. You can set a sell price, but it's optional. Accept the Metamask transaction to complete the minting.

4. How do I mint a Rental Strategy NFT on Runbot?

  • Similar to minting Open-Source NFTs, link Metamask, choose 'Rental strategy,' amount, strategy, backtest period, and rental duration. Set a sell price if desired. Complete the minting process by accepting the Metamask transaction.

5. What are Community NFTs Indicators and how can I access them?

  • Runbot offers a variety of indicators, including private ones created by community members. To access these, you must hold the associated NFT, which can be purchased on the secondary market. Note that to mint and sell a strategy including a Community Indicator, the future buyer must also hold the corresponding NFT.

6. What are Black Flamingo Indicators on Runbot?

  • Black Flamingo Indicators, exclusive to Runbot, were created by a professional trader, Thisma. They include BF Trend for reversal information, BF Breakers for scalping, and BF MTF for analyzing synchronization across timeframes. Access these by holding a BF Indicator NFT, available in limited supply on the secondary market.

7. What are the fees for minting and using NFTs on Runbot?

  • The mint price for Open-Source NFTs is 0.01 ETH, with discounts for minting multiple NFTs. For Rental NFTs, prices vary from 0.004 to 0.02 ETH based on Rental time. Runbot charges a minimum base fee or a 10% fee of the sale price for each transaction. The same fee structure applies to Community and Black Flamingo indicators NFTs.

8. How do I use my Strategy NFT on Runbot?

  • To use a Strategy NFT, import it to your Runbot account via the Metamask connection. For Open-Source NFTs, find your strategy on the Strategy list Box. For Rental NFTs, find it in the "Bot webhook configuration" box and "Linked Strategy" list.

9. What is the minimum investment amount for NFT trading bots?

  • The minimum amount you can invest is determined by the exchange you're using. For instance, Binance may not execute orders as low as $0.1 USD due to its minimum order size requirements.

10. Can I set my own leverage for trading?

  • Yes, when you connect your trading bot via a webhook, you have the option to configure the leverage according to your preference for executing the NFT Strategy.

11. Is the subscription for NFT strategy use automatically renewed?

  • No, the subscription is not automatic. You purchase the usage time for the NFT in advance, and this duration is displayed on the NFT. For example, if you buy a 3-month subscription, you won't be able to use the strategy after this period unless you renew, and you won't be automatically charged.

12. How do I renew my NFT strategy subscription?

  • To renew, if the original strategy creator has minted multiple NFTs of the same strategy, you can purchase another one. Use the marketplace to search by Strategy ID to find the exact strategy you want.

13. How do I pay for an NFT?

  • Payment for NFTs is made in ETH on the Arbitrum network.

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